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Broadway Ave: Formerly Christmas Ave, named for Charles W. Christmas (11/29/1796-6/17/1884), the first County Surveyor of Hennepin County. Arrived from Wooster, OH in 1850.

Camden Ave was named after the neighborhood which is named after Camden, New Jersey.

Hennepin Ave was named after Father Louis Hennepin. The first white man to lay eyes on the falls of St. Anthony. He is credited with naming the falls after his patron saint, Saint Anthony of Padua. There were several, better Indian names for the place, but since he was a captive of the Indians when he first saw the falls, he was just paying tribute to a patron saint that would eventually ( hopefully) free him from their capture. The section of Hennepin known as East Hennepin through the old St. Anthony area was formerly called Bay Street. The section of East Hennepin that divides Northeast Minneapolis and Southeast Minneapolis used to be called Division Street.

Illion Ave was not a real "alphabet street" but a side street in the tangletown section of north Minneapolis, just north of Broadway Avenue. Illion is the Greek name for ancient Troy.

King's Highway (Dupont Ave S near the Rose Gardens and Lakewood Cemetary)was named after William S. King, owner of the vast Lyndale farm located in south Minneapolis.

Lyndale Ave was named after the vast farm in south Minneapolis once owned by William S. King. The farm itself was named after his father, Lyndon King.

Nicollet Ave was named for Joseph N. Nicollet. An explorer, astronomer, mathematician and map maker. Nicollet was the person who discovered Lake Itasca and identified it as the origin of the Mississippi River.

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